Blood, Putrefication, Vanity (tweedlezee) wrote,
Blood, Putrefication, Vanity

GUESS WHOS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

heres some photos I found from Fuck Parade (berlin) of our Trrrruck with Fuck Off Soundsystem (and some of the vast crowd of terrorheads). Perhaps the best show ever?

All are linked to Flickr so you can check out the epic awesomeness of this event.. I had my camera stolen at the After Party on a stairwell by 2 bagheads and there were some sick photos and videos on that.

Fuckparade 2010 - Berlin - 21.08.2010

fuckparade 2010-6

fuckparade 2010-13

Rette Deine Stadt, Berlin
Junkie Kut
Fuckparade 2010: Blauer MC
Skat Injector
Fuckparade 2010: Bassdrums
Gabba Front Berlin

fuckparade 2010

fuckparade 2010-11
Our Truck.

win ;)
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