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Blood, Putrefication, Vanity's Journal

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27th August 2010

6:05pm: GUESS WHOS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

heres some photos I found from Fuck Parade (berlin) of our Trrrruck with Fuck Off Soundsystem (and some of the vast crowd of terrorheads). Perhaps the best show ever?

All are linked to Flickr so you can check out the epic awesomeness of this event.. I had my camera stolen at the After Party on a stairwell by 2 bagheads and there were some sick photos and videos on that.

Fuckparade 2010 - Berlin - 21.08.2010

fuckparade 2010-6

fuckparade 2010-13

Rette Deine Stadt, Berlin
Junkie Kut
Fuckparade 2010: Blauer MC
Skat Injector
Fuckparade 2010: Bassdrums
Gabba Front Berlin

fuckparade 2010

fuckparade 2010-11
Our Truck.

win ;)

29th May 2009

open gate

Locked, but you're welcome to come in..
Current Mood: lonely

25th January 2009

12:12pm: This strange thing happened, Ryan and I were eating dinner in the front room when I looked up to the right wall expecting to see a clock there (like in my parents' house) and said "this room has the exact same layout as my parents'". And he replied, "that was strange, just before you said that I looked over to the TV to see the clock on top"(he has a clock on top of his TV at his dad's). Then I told him I was looking for a clock too which is what spurred that comment in the first place. X-files shit.

We volounteered to make vegan breakfasts yesterday morning and it was great fun! Apart from this one table of 8 who all ordered seperately and kept checking to see we didnt miss their orders and Sam said, "what? number 25? yes we STILL have it, it doesnt magically appear." as it was stressing her all out. Anyway, Ryan brought 2 meals down and that table said they were for them. But no, they stole one off an old man. Who ended up going fucking insane calling Sam a cunt and shouting because she accused him of not paying (apparently he had done that before). So Alison gave him her meal to calm him down and a free cup of tea. Then suddenly the hippy table started putting their coats on and whispered to Ryan "sorry, we had an extra meal, here's a £2 donation" then ran off in the midst of the trouble they caused. The meal cost £3.50 you bastards! Fuck the £2 donation, they should have paid for it in full, you know what I mean? It's a volounteer-run, non-profit establishment, they could have had a little more respect for this fact. No doubt they would have just taken it for free if that didnt all happen.

And I upset myself last night, over something so stupid.
What a day!
The picture of my mum on facebook with my bro is so cute:
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